Building an experiential mobile application that helped market a new model for one of the largest automobile manufacturers.

Fiat Italy, the largest automaker company headquartered in Italy, were looking for an engaging mobile application that would help launch their new car Fiat Freemont. The app had to complement the marketing and promotional effort during the launch of the car. Perennial created just the right app for the marketing team at Fiat.

The Problem

Creating an informative and engaging experience around the car via an app.

The application was created purely for the launch and had to live up to the hype around the car. The application had to be engaging to the level that users could actually get a feel of being inside the car without actually sitting in it.
Below were the challenges that we set out to resolve for the client:



  • The app had to instantly allow prospects connect with the car and develop a positive resonance for the brand.

  • The app needed to present all the necessary auto details and specifications without making it boring infact engaging the users in an innovative way.





  • The app was made solely for promotional and marketing purpose, hence it had to be visually appealing, with easy navigation creating an new experience around the product.

  • Recreating the interior of the car was a big challenge as it required details to ensure every feature was presented with accuracy without losing out on engaging with them.

The Solution

Creating an app that gives a virtual 360 degree tour of the car, both from the inside as well as outside.

After carefully analyzing the requirement and understanding the user group we created an application that met the challenges of the project, with the following functions:

1. The app created an experience that was as close to reality as possible. Users totally immersed in the virtual experience of the car giving them a whole new experience.

2. Using the accelerometer features of devices like iPad the user can move the iPad in various directions to get a complete 360 degree view (horizontally and vertically) of the Fiat Freemont car.

3. Like the interior panoramic view, the users could also get a rational view of the exterior of the car. Here the users could change to various available colors of the car while rotate and see the car from all sides.

4. The users could view videos of the Fiat Freemont car.

5. To ensure that the car details and features are clearly visible in every possible angle and feature, the app had the function of both landscape and portrait mode.

6. The app also has a puzzle game. The puzzle image would change when the iPad’s shaken.

Technology Stack:
HTML5 & CSS3, JQuery, iOS, Phonegap

The Result

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The application was hugely successful and helped push sales for Fiat Freemont. Below are some of the key highlights from the project:

1. Marketing of the car became easier as now users could experience the car virtually on the go.

2. With the new innovative and interactive features, the app managed to take the car right into the homes of buyers.

3. 360 degree panoramic view helped potential buyers make a sound decision of buying the car from the comfort of their homes.

4. The application helped the company create the right amount buzz around the marketing campaign, though, we do not have the measured analytics for the same.