Whether you are start-up or an established business, there’s a fair chance, that at some point in time you will look at outsourcing as a viable cost effective solution. What you really need though, is a cost effective strategy that gives you complete control over your project. What you need is MyCodie.

What is MyCodie?​

MyCodie starts at USD 549 a week and expand to a handpicked talented team who will work as a unit, driving your project development lifecycle from ideation to product retirement.

MyCodie team is consists of:
1. A Skilled programmer
2. A Project Manager
3. A Delivery Manager
4. A Business Analyst
5. A Quality tester
6. A Designer

6 MyCodie Advantages!

Custom Build your MyCodie team

MyCodie team is flexible and can be custom built in way that it best addresses your needs and augments your existing infrastructure.

Flexible across Technology stacks

No matter what your needs are, web, mobile, UI/UX or cloud computing, MyCodie will provide you the right mix of talent.

Cost effective and transparent

Your MyCodie team starts at USD 549 a week, invoiced in arrears and paid post-delivery of work. You never pay an advance. Ever.

Easy Maneuvering

MyCodie engagement comes built with hassle free start, no advance payment, no long-term contract and a two week notice at any time, to stop the engagement. Ramp up or ramp down the team size with a short notice period.

Planned development lifecycles

MyCodie helps you plan your development lifecycles, funding and time to market really well. The team shares a daily time sheet, code is delivered weekly and demos as frequent as every two weeks.

Risk-free Money back guarantee trial

A two week risk-free money-back guarantee trial, will give you a chance to work directly with the team and continue with the engagement for a period of 2 weeks, post which you choose whether or not to continue. No obligation. No risk.

Why MyCodie guarantees success?

1. A winning mix of people, processes and technology

The core strength of MyCodie is a handpicked team, adhering to tried and tested processes while leveraging the best available technology. All hired programmers are on payroll so you don’t have to worry about interns or junior programmers on your team. Planning is at the core of all aspects of MyCodie. A process driven approach, right from assigning a team, collating requirements, setting milestones, presenting ideas, delivering demos and finally delivering code. MyCodie relies heavily on the technology prowess that Perennial possesses.

2. Real time collaboration brings you effective results

MyCodie boasts of real-time collaboration between teams, at all inflection points of the project. We use tools like Jira project management, Github, basecamp, Skype, Google Docs basecamp, Skype, Google Docs and more through the project lifecycle. We work according to your time zone, to ensure communication is convenient.

3. Highest security for your business, ideas, IP and code

Across the organization, every individual adheres to guidelines laid down via stringent NDAs’ – so code, concepts, IP and business ideas are protected and secure.

4. Detailed attention to scope of work, project management and delivery

With a well-defined team structure, requirement analysis, project planning, idea sharing, code submission and demonstrations we are consistently on time with delivery. All this, while you remain in complete control to decide the team structure, size of the team and length of the engagement.

5. MyCodie is for Everyone

Whether you are a start-up , an established enterprise, a business house, or an individual with a unique idea, MyCodie is flexible and allows customization to every requirement. Teams can be custom built to suit the need for projects in web, mobile, UI/UX, gaming, and cloud computing.