Endless passion.
Unlimited opportunity.

At Perennial, we make sure our work environment brings out the best in you. It’s creative, it gives you space, it’s open and it’s transparent. We push you to push the boundaries and we give you a structure to fall back on. Simply put, this is an entrepreneurial culture full of rich opportunities for you to grow.

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Entrepreneurial Work Culture

Work ownership

We give you the opportunities to own a project and run it like a CEO. Engage with clients, lead cross-functional teams and be your own person while doing all of that.

Clear mission

We encourage you to do what-ever it takes to help clients achieve their business objectives. It’s a clear mission, so that you never lose sight of your ultimate goal.

Power to you

We want our talent to pave the way for the company’s tomorrow. That’s why we give you the onus – to decide what happens next at Perennial and in the future.

Keeping it open

Open Culture

We work hard to make this company an accepting, warm and accessible space. We make sure our senior management is available and there for every member of our team. We give you a work environment that breaks the conventional corporate norms - no cubicles, no formal dress codes, no artificial glass ceilings and, most importantly, no prejudices

Recognition and feedback

We believe every single one of our team members has a lot to contribute. Our qualitative and quantitative appraisal methods ensure that your talent is recognized and rewarded early. Unlike other work spaces, these happen consistently, not at the end of the year.

Recreational activities

We break the seriousness of work with some serious fun. We understand the value of a break, a breather. That’s why we conduct a variety of events and activities through the year to make sure we all stay refreshed and energized – mind, body and soul.

Diversity and delight

We celebrate every bit of our diversity. We’re proud to be an equal opportunity organization, across gender, caste and creed. When you work with us, you can be sure that we will delight in you, your talent and your identity.

Recognition and feedback

We believe in you and we invest in your growth, every step of the way. We conduct monthly development workshops to make sure you keep discovering, learning and growing. That is the utmost priority for us.

Entrepreneurial Work Culture

Think agile

We dream big. We work with small teams. We keep our minds quick, alert and creative. And everyone here has many fabulous parts to play. After all, being agile is fun.

Create smart

Tech advancements excite us and we can’t ever get enough of them. We like being curious and we enjoy create innovatively. If this sounds familiar to you, you’ll fit right in.

Make the beautiful

We create solutions that are clean, simple and yet, always beautiful. That’s the point of taking technology to people. That’s always, always important. Agree with us? We’ll probably like you!

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We are always looking for people with passion and skills to do justice to it. If you like what our culture is all about, join us.