Building a easy-to-use and easy-to-integrate account receivable and debtor management software for a startup.

95% of all businesses fail because of poor cash flow management, this very insight led the client to come up with the concept of simplifying the accounts receivable management function. The main target market for this concept were SMEs with high transactional volume and accounts receivables.

To bring this idea alive, EzyCollect hired Perennial to build a the worlds easiest to use account receivables and debtor management software.

“Perennial has always been open and transparent with us.”

Arjun Singh, Founder, EzyCollect

The Problem

Building a accounting software that is easy to use and even easier to integrate.

As this was an idea to product project, everything had to be built ground up requiring end-to-end engineering. A team with relevant experience worked on building and maintaining the EzyCollect platform.

The three main areas of the platform were as follows:



  • The solution should accommodate varied account receivable workflows and practices of the user’s current business environment.

  • The receivable management solution must integrate with different accounting packages like MyOB, Exo, XERO, Sage, Quickbooks and many more.

  • The solution must seamlessly integrate with different versions of ‘on-premise’ or any other cloud based accounting packages.

  • The receivable management process should be easy, automated and personalized.



  • Every organisation already has its own account receivable workflows and practices.

  • Accounts receivable management requires multiple follows up and reminders. Most of the time keeping track is difficult.

  • Most of the time the companies don’t have proper legal support system to manage the account receivables.



  • The end users of the application should find the tool simple and intuitive.

  • The software must provide real time and easy to understand insights on the health of the organization, to the users. This was critical for the project to succeed.

The Solution

Building software that stacks multiple components to deliver a seamless experience.

Perennial team worked in co-ordination with the client to understand and come up with different integrations points with existing workflows and generalize this process through the system. Our team partnered with the client right from concept definition to delivering a robust,scalable and simple solution based on Perennial’s design led engineering approach.

Following are the elements of what we delivered on the project:

1. We built a scalable multi-tenant SaaS based web solution over the J2EE stack.

2. Throughout the engineering process ‘UX best practices’ were implemented to give the user a smooth experience.

3. Customizable sign up wizard was created to ensure quick and easy onboarding of clients for various accounting packages.

4. To make the solution robust we built it on top of 4 main components: synchronizer, rule engine, communication engine and reporting.
a. The synchronizer component was designed as a downloadable installer with the ability to integrate with different accounting packages and run as a background daemon service. The synchronizer has a very small footprint and allows the client to update the version very easily.
b. The rule engine we built was scalable, such that it allows the user to configure his/her organizations specific account receivable workflows and practices.
c. The automated and personalized communication engine we built integrates with various different mediums like email, fax, SMS etc. to provide a seamless experience to the user.
d. We also built a reporting engine that supports real time dashboards and exporting functionality to Excel, PDF and print.

5. The software eliminates manual data inputs and provides value added services like requesting credit check, send pre-approved legal notices to customers and debt collection escalations to agencies and lawyers.

Technology Stack:
Apache HTTP, Apache Tomcat, Struts 2.0, J2EE, Hibernate, MySQL, Java based daemon, Accounting SDK for MyOB, XERO

The Result

A simple and easy to use software delivering stunning results for users.Enter your text here...

The ezyCollect software we bult helped users streamline their receivables and reduce bad debts by as much as than 80%.

Out of the many success stories, one ezyCollect user (a medicine manufacturer and distributor) was able to:

1. Reduce overdue debts by 60%

2. Reduce overhead billing costs by 70%

3. Saved 50% in labor time resulting in increased productivity

Another user, an electricity provider, was able to achieve 50% reduced overdue accounts in just 3 months.

Ovreall the software has delivered results consistently and has overcome all the challenges that we laid out initially.