Complex problems.
Simple solutions.

We help our enterprise clients build collaboration and enterprise portals, develop identity and access management systems, and provide business intelligence and analytics tools to better manage their business. No matter how complex a project we get, we’ve always delivered high quality solutions to our clients.

If you are looking for simple, yet process driven solutions, you are at the right place.

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“Perennial teams want to be contributors more than workers.”

Greg Humphrey, Director of Engg., Comcate Inc.

Some of the most respected companies trust Perennial

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Building a comprehensive and flexible mobile management solution for a leading healthcare provider.

Davita is the leading Kidney HealthCare and Dialysis Care Provider of USA. With over 1,000 Dialysis Care centers spread across USA...

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Building a media streaming platform to provides seamless experience to both businesses as well as viewers.

Worldcast Live Inc. an innovative Media Streaming Platform brings the power of online streaming content to the world of...

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Building an easy and accessible mobile application to govern food related hygiene for the third largest county in USA.

DimDrop, a mobile application and management tool company wanted to help the community administraion and people of Harris...

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We’ve got what your business needs.

Learn fast. Deliver faster.

With our on-site/off-site capability we eliminate undue wastage of time and on an average reduce project time by 23%*, saving you both time and money.

* estimated average time saved across clients, across industries.

Multi-dimensional approach.

Every piece of software we develop has a core framework of design, technology and domain expertise behind it. This framework not only enhances user experience, but reduces technology setbacks as well. We also domain expertise shortens the learning curve on similar domains / industry projects increasing momentum. What you get then, is a multi-dimensional solution, to a uni-dimensional problem.

User. Experience. Love.

A poor user experience is one of the top 5 reasons* why consumers go to competition. That’s why our UX** specialist ensures that every product we built is centred around the end consumer. When the end user is happy, everybody is happy.

* as per data available online.
** short for ‘User Experience’

One. Stop. Shop.

Over the last decade we have developed over 120 products across web, mobile and cloud enabled platforms. We have gained 2,000 man hours of expertise in design, domain and technology that we use as a foundation for every new project we work on.

Confidentiality. Guaranteed.

With a local presence in USA, a stringent NDA adherence policy, signed contracts and a guarantee of confidentiality, we give you everything you need for peace of mind. And beyond that.