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The Expertise Triangle

Every project we take upon has a core team of experts from Technology, Industry and Design working on it. This approach helps us deliver holistic and real world solutions to our clients.

Product Engineering

We can help you bring your vision to reality by building market ready viable products, we can also help upgrade your existing products with relevant technology.

#1 Building viable products

Get your product out in the market in 30 days.

Over the years we have developed over 227 products across various mobile, web and cloud platforms. This experience has given us deep insights into specific domains, drastically shortening the learning curve an thus saving time and money for our clients. Even our product development model is extremely fine tuned. Every project has experts with multi-industry and multi-technology knowledge working together to deliver the best output. Initially we consult the client in defining the Minimum Viable Product (MVP) in reference to the existing market and in 30 working days flat you can get your Minimum Viable Product (MVP) up and ready to test the market.

#2 Upgrading outdated products

Make your product future ready.

With technology evolving everyday, software products must constantly upgrade to keep up with the pace. Mobile and Cloud based SaaS solutions have now enabled various types of software to be more scalable, manageable, affordable and more accessible. We are always on the cutting edge of technology and totally equipped to overhaul your product if you need to keep your product relevant in today's dynamic environment. Take a look at our case studies to know about our success stories. Our Services span the following:

1. SaaS consulting: Strategic roadmap definition for SaaS enablement.
2. Mobile Enablement: Defining mobile strategy and its implementation.
3. Support and Maintenance: Manage you Product life cycle with our dedicated team.

Enterprise Solutions

Many companies end up managing heterogeneous information systems because of functionally and geographically distributed operations, mergers and acquisitions. Efficient operations requires orchestration of business processes and ensure secure but seamless collaboration which can be achieved by automating some business processes and integrating with other information systems.

#1 Business Process Automation and Integration

Create a seamless work platform

Most organisations today operate under demanding conditions of cost optimisation pressures, changing market conditions and compliance requirements. IT is driving process, organisation and technical change across industries. Most industries have their specific process needs which cannot be fully automated by readily available off-the-shelf softwares, so most of the enterprises also need custom build applications. Likewise many companies end up managing heterogeneous information Systems. For efficient operations within and outside the enterprise, they require these heterogeneous information systems to talk to each other. Our Business Process Automation and Integration services with our best engineering practices has helped companies streamline business processes, ensure seamless information flow across heterogeneous information systems, gain greater flexibility, and minimise the total cost of ownership of their enterprise applications. Our team is dedicated solely towards improving organisational efficiency and effectiveness by providing holistic solutions that facilitate seamless information sharing across the enterprise. Our Services span the following:

1. Custom Application Development
2. Mobility 
3. Enterprise Application Integration 
4. Application Support and Maintenance

#2 Developing Identity and Access Management

Make your business securely accessible

Identity and Access Management (IAM) needs a fresh approach in the era of mobility where digital resources in the cloud are accessed from a multitude of endpoints. Enterprise systems of the ‘digital business’ are accessed not only by employees, but also external stakeholders such as business partners and customers, and the IAM system must manage identities a ship of the deployment, configuration, and customization of an IAM solution for your enterprise, integrating with other enterprise systems, both on-premise and cloud based. IAM Functional Areas:

1. Provisioning
2. Access Control 
3. Single sign-on (SSO) and Federation

#3 Building Business Intelligence and Analytics

Make better decisions using data

Our Data Warehousing (DW) and Business Intelligence (BI) practice leverages our rich expertise, premium partnerships and unique Data-to-Intelligence approach to provide an integrated business intelligence strategy that aids in data-based decision making to drive business and discover hidden trends while addressing the need of information for users at every level. Our BI services and solutions leverage tools like Microsoft BI, Talend etc. to help transform your organisational data into intelligence that aid in making fact based business decision. BI Functional Areas:

1. DW and BI consultancy includes a strategic roadmap definition, landscape assessment & health check services.

2. Implementation comprising interactive dashboards, scorecards, on-demand reporting, budgeting and planning, scenario modelling and mobile solutions.

Talent Partnership

Our MyCodie model provides our partners the most important tool they need to handle their changing resource requirements, total control.

Delivering on-demand expertise
Get total control on your resources

Some of our clients who maintain their in-house project management team often require external experts to be part of their team on dedicated basis and want complete control on the team. The solution - Talent Partnership is designed and focused towards providing high quality talent for such clients ensuring minimal ramp-up time and a talent who has the required experience and has been nurtured with the required skills over years and fit to be part of our clients team with the qualities of a team player as well as an independent worker. A flexible and scalable way to get resources to work for you. Under Talent Partnership you get a dedicated, on-demand pool of technology talents. These experts will work with you as ‘your’ team. Learn more about the benefits of my MyCodie Talent Partnership..