Driven by process.
Fueled by passion.

Behind every project is our 4D process of discovery, design, development and delivery.
Our process takes a systematic step-by-step approach that almost guarantees high quality products and solutions.
Every single time.

#1 Discovery

After developing 120+ products in the last 10 years we have found that 70%* of projects fail when they’re transitioning from idea to execution. That’s right – 70%! The intelligence gathered prior to a project is fundamental to its success. If done right it lays a solid foundation to build a champion product. At Perennial we follow a stringent process of intelligence gathering through business analysis and in-house knowledge base, which helps craft a realistic strategic road map for the project. We call our project plan - Kickstarter Document, as it kickstarts the project in to motion.
* approximation based on in-house data since 2006

#2 Design

Once the strategic map is laid out, the design process begins, keeping the end goal in mind. We use mind-mapping tools and wireframing softwares to build solution driven designs. The actual designing process starts on paper and moves to the digital medium with refinement and feedback incorporated at every level. Our design process ensures that you are engaged at every step of the journey, so that what we build is in complete alignment with what you have envisioned for your product.

#3 Development

Technology is ever evolving, and no one size fits all - your needs are unique. We invest in upgrading systems, staying up to date and recruiting expertise in the latest developments in software, design and tech, so that when the need arises, we’re ready to hit the road running. We spend time at the design stage to ensure complete compatibility with development, so that the UX is seamless. It’s after the development is tested, that we move to the final stage – taking your idea to the real world.

#4 Delivery

Our responsibility doesn’t end once development is completed, which is why our delivery process is structured to be flexible to your needs. We offer 2 ways to ensure that what we deliver meets your exact requirement.

The first is through a quality assurance with a 100% Perennial Team – our QA testers are experienced and well equipped to efficiently test every deliverable to flag defects if any, for the development team to resolve. The second is to incorporate your internal QA team into our process. We also use automated test frameworks to handle redundant tasks and find efficiencies in the timeline.