Building a mobile based identity management solution for one of the largest telecom service providers in the world.

One of the worlds largest telecom service providers had developed an mWallet solution for their customers. However, they wanted to extend the application to a larger audience such that customers from other telecom service providers can use it. They were looking for a solution provider who could help them quickly build these solutions, and that’s where we came in.

The Problem

Building an application that meets government compliance as well as security concerns.

Giving the customer a chance to experience Retaility furniture was not only a great user experience but made business sense as well as handing over the furniture to every customer to try and place it in their house was a big challenge.



  • Identity management of a multitude users.

  • Security was also another concern as this solution was moving away from the secure element based solution the telecom operator was used to performing.

  • Extending the current software interfaces used by the existing mWallet to the new solution.



  • Compliance to regulatory authority for this new secure element less payment based solution.



  • User experience was the top priority as:
    a. A quick and seamless experience to the end user in the NFC based payment was critical for wide user adoption.

    b. User registration process had to be easy but at the same time secure and detailed.

The Solution

A solution that seamlessly works across multiple telecom service providers and regulatory

The Perennial team got together to build an applicaiton solution with the following features:

1. The customers were asked to register to a portal and connect the portal to their bank accounts.

2. The portal also collected other information for identifying the user such as a valid Government id.

3. Once registered and approved the users were provided credentials for accessing the NFC wallet application.

4. The wallet application authenticated the user using OAuth and stored the token across the server and the mobile. The application formed an appropriate token sent across for the payment.

Technology Stack: J2EE, iOS and Android application, Backend integration to telecom provider API

The Result

Increased usage within 3 months with new opportunities for cross selling.Enter your text here...

1. The telecom provider was successfully able to increase the number of mWallet users by 25% within the first 3 months.

2. Opened up opportunities for cross selling their telecom products to attract new customers.

3. Increased the usage of their internal platforms thus providing a better ROI.