Building an easy and accessible mobile application to govern food related hygiene for the third largest county in USA.

DimDrop, a mobile application and management tool company wanted to help the community administration and people of Harris County, Texas by managing complaints and cases of bad food being served at hotels and restaurants. The client wanted an localized app that would help citizens report and evaluate restaurants and hotels in Harris County, elevating the standards of food being served at the county. This is where Perennial stepped in.

The Problem

Building an application that has breadth in database and depth in citizen evaluation.

For the app to really help citizens it had to meet two important requirements. One, the app had to carry the entire database of 8,000+ restaurants and hotels located in Harris County. And two, the app had to provide features to report wellness, health and hygiene issues that citizens would raise.



  • How to create a database of all the hotels and restaurants and other food serving joints?

  • How to generate food violation reports on the app?

  • How to integrate video and image reporting with the existing reporting framework?



  • Creating an evaluation criteria for citizens to provide feedback that can be used for further evaluation.

  • Building a feedback matrix for every restaurant or food serving joint that will enable the community administration to gauge authentic feedback from non-authentic feedback.

  • Gathering appropriate registration information of these restaurants and food serving joints.



  • Creating consistent user experience across devices and form factors.

  • Designing an interface that is age agnostic. Citizens using the app would range from teenagers to 60 year olds.

  • Quick and easy reporting.

  • Designing functionality that is flexible depending on the usage by various citizens.

The Solution

An application that provides accessibility and flexibility to users.

After understanding the core requirements and assessing the challenges at hand, Perennial developed an application with the following features:

1. The app helps the user select the restaurant that he/she would like to evaluate from a database of 8000+ restaurants/food joints.

2. The app has the ability to get the restaurant details on government registration.

3. Users can tag restaurants on the basis of their hygiene quality.

4. Users can post photos, videos and comments without difficulty.

5. The app detects non-conforming hotels on hotels on hygiene.

6. The app can retrieve and consolidate data on hotels and restaurants based on hygiene and compliance.

7. The app makes it easy to determine the hotel or restaurant to license.

8. The app provides a strong reporting functionality to the community administrators.

Technology Stack: Angular JS, Node.JS, Mongo DB, Open Map API and Jscript.

The Result

A tool that has democratized governing hygiene standards in Harris County.Enter your text here...

The application we built acheived the objective of handing the power to the citizens to govern and improve the hygiene standards.

Below are some of the highlights of the project sucess:

1. The application shortened the turn-around time in reporting hygiene violations by restaurants.

2. Responsibility of hygiene now lay in the hands of citizens, who are demand improvements in hygiene standards as they are better aware of the situation.

3. The application quickly reports to the health department within seconds making it realtime.

4. The task of reading inspection reports of 8,000 restaurants was made extremely easy.

5. Hygiene violations reporting by restaurants is expected to treble, thanks to the app.

6. Easy compliant management for the third largest county in USA with only 25 food inspectors. A great tool for resource optimization.