Building an easy-to-use and easy-to-integrate 3D imaging and printing software for a leading orthodontic technology company.

Orchestrate Orthodontic Technologies were the first company to adapt cutting edge 3D technology for Orthodontists, resulting in a comprehensive 3D digital system that gives the Orthodontist complete control and autonomy over the 3D imaging, diagnosis, design, and 3D printing of many orthodontic appliances.

The client had tied up with industry leaders to build a 3D CAD/CAM system for Orthodontists to design and create setups for appliances. The application was well received but the licensing and limitation to customize soon became a bootleneck for the business to scale. Hence, building a powerful proprietary tool which would be customizable and easy to use soon became the need of the hour to maintain the industry leadership position they had achieved. This is where Perennial stepped in.

The Problem

Building a 3D software that is simpler to use and delivers better output than the existing ones.

Being a second-generation orthodontist, the client understood the need for having complete control over patients 3D digital data for diagnosis, treatment planning and appliance fabrication. The software therefore had to allow the orthodontists to maintain tighter control of cost and tooth movement.

We had to build a software that was easy to use but in no way compromised on the quality of the output.



  • Almost none of the 3rd party libraries that were available, were useful & aligned for the orthodontics industry. And were too expensive to be used.

  • The newer features planned for the roadmap required needed very high end niche mesh editing and rendering alogorithms to be built.

  • The client needed a specialist product team that could simplify technical jargons and deliver an effective solution meeting that would help orthodontists as well as profit the business.



  • The need of the industry to constantly innovate to maintain the leadership position over the competitors.

  • Need for more control over the product development as the business was getting limited by the 3rd party libraries & components used in the software.

  • The licensing cost were very heavy and limiting the business growth of the company.

  • Competitors were able to be more agile in delivering more value with innovations in technology.

  • The client needed a team who could quickly adapt to understand the challenges in the orthodontics industry to be able to build this specialised software.



  • The user interface of the previous software was too complex and not very user friendly.

  • The design had to be simplified as the users were non-technical but the previous software needed technical understanding to deliver the output, making the users not interested in the product.

The Solution

Using open source frameworks and building rich modules that makes the software easy to use.

Looking at the budget and tight delivery timeline the team (consisting of industry, technology and design experts) decided to use open source frameworks to form the core of the product and built extensive feature rich modules on top of it to achieve the end result.

A solution was delivered with the following features:

1. Combining the most advanced technology in the world we build an easy "in office" system that allows the orthodontist to be completely independent in the design and production of digital orthodontic appliances.

2. Our agile based design led engineering approach for the software development ensured the ease of use for the software and ensured we built the system right the first time.

3. Orthodontic workflows were carefully addressed & built making the software very easy to use in both doctor - intensive model as well as a staff-delegated practice model.

4. Specialized mesh transformation algorithms were built to provide a unique realtime quick and easy process to create different tooth setups.

5. Auto labelling of tooth simplified reduced the time invested to manage the models effectively.

6. The new architecture and advanced algorithms ensured the performance of the software increased by 2X, thus improving the effeciency.

7. The tools were made more intelligent and provided tremendous productivity gains in the complex dental procedures.

Technology Stack:
QT, OSG, Different open source kernels CGAL, VTK and various graphics processing algorithms.

The Result

A simple and easy to use software delivering stunning results for users.Enter your text here...

The software that we built acheived the objective of simplifying user experience as well as deliver the return on investment (ROI) for the client.

Below are some of the highlights of the project sucess:

1. The software has enabled orthodontists to be in complete control of the dental procedures. They have seen their ROI within 45 days of using the software.

2. The software suite has provided major savings in costs on creating aligners and thus increasing the profitability of the orthodontists.

3. The software has reduced office visits of patients by 75%, giving the patients a better experience.

4. No additional cost of buying another 3D printer, as the software easily integrated with any existing 3D scanner.

5. The solution built by the team allowed the business to venture into other complementary business models with significant revenue opportunity, something which wasn’t possible before.