Building a media streaming platform to provides seamless experience to both businesses as well as viewers.

Worldcast Live Inc. an innovative Media Streaming Platform brings the power of online streaming content to the world of business. Worldcast Live merges full featured eCommerce platform businesses with high quality streaming, so viewers can can instant access to whatever type of information they need – whether it’s a guest motivational speaker, a professional fitness instructor, or a DJ playing live over the web. In order to bridge the gap between technology and great user experience, Worldcast Live wanted a partner with a proven track record of being a solution partner in the Media streaming space rather than just a development firm, that’s where we came in.

The Problem

Building a solution that helps businesses stream information across platform and devices.

The goal of WCL was to help business across verticals and sizes to use their platform for streaming. The sheer magnitude of this goal made the job extremely complicated and challenging.



  • The platform should be self-service to allow any business to quickly start streaming live or recorded content within minutes of sign up.

  • The solution should be compatible with different devices supporting different platforms.

  • The solution should be able to scale to millions of users while ensuring an optimum QoS.

  • The system is expected to support numerous features like video effects, ad platform integration requiring video processing algorithms.

  • Intelligence Dashboards to be built to provide data to businesses so that they are able to measure and optimize their marketing efforts for better ROI.



  • The platform should be able to be adapted by any business of any size and should work in different verticals.

  • The product suite should present a personalized and holistic experience in the current workflow of the online business.



  • The application was going to be used by a lot of end users and was consumer facing

  • A plugin had to be developed that integrated with different online businesses accessible over various different platforms.

The Solution

Developing a widget that streams live as well as on-demand content and works across platforms.

The Perennial team of technology, design and industry experts developed a widget, which addressed both the event broadcaster and viewer with the following solution:

1. The widget supports both Live and OnDemand streaming of content supporting all the platforms like web and mobile.

2. The online business can easily integrate and configure the plugin for their use. This allows them to seamlessly integrate complex streaming functionality within minutes.

3. Self-service dashboard allows businesses to address any support challenges faced during streaming of the event.

4. The platform supports an intelligent multi bit rate streaming to support end users with different network conditions and provides them a unique seamless video streaming experience.

5. The solution supports millions of users thus allowing small and large businesses to focus on their business without worrying about scalability and performance.

6. The solution is responsive and supports web and mobile platforms across different devices.

7. Since the customers trust the plugin for their content, we built a strong security mechanism to allow secured streaming of content with standard encryption algorithms.

8. The plugin supports features like video effects and industry focused features.

9. The solution has ad integration support for revenue generation for the broadcaster.

10. Analytics dashboard provides deep insights in optimizing the marketing effort for better ROI.

Technology Stack: PHP, Media streaming server: Java, Video processing algorithms, iOS, Android

The Result

A solution that is profitable to both businesses as well as users.Enter your text here...

A. Benefits to the client and broadcasting companies:

1. Features in the website has given the client a unique selling point for his website.

2. Broadcasting companies are able to publish their events using this website without any hassle.

3. Allows the broadcaster to quickly go online and generate revenues for their content without worrying about all the technology.

4. Companies are able to broadcast their video channels and expand their user base using WCL’s platform.

B. Benefits to Viewers

1. Viewers can now view all events without having to step out of their houses.

2. Users are able to video conference between 2 or more people using this platform.

3. Viewers get a seamless experience as they can use this solution on the device of thier choice.